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Data, data, data…

Amounts of data available is growing at an unprecedented rate
Most of the data gathered is stored somewhere in various form and never applied once gathered
Big data or small data is a rhetorical question, as 89% of business leaders beileve data will revolutionize business operations

Data science

  • Data science is the craft of using modern scientific methods in areas others than science
  • Advanced analytics is used in academia as long as science has extisted, however is uncommon in business
  • Everyone talks about data science, a few really know how to do it
  • At Epistatica, we ARE doing it since 2012

We are now ready to share our expertise with others

Why Epistatica?

  • We have a strong understanding of data application areas and are able to make sense of the fine details through the use of best practice analytics methods
  • Not¬†only we conduct the analysis but also are able to roll the models online (open-source or proprietary options exist) for daily on-going use.
  • We are able to extract and transform data from a large pool of sources (R, Python, Perl, Qlikview, SQL proficient)
  • We require minimum amounts of IT resources

Application areas

Risk management

Build and deploy advanced analysis methods to separate the bad from the good, the “yes” from the “no” in a fraction of a second.

Our models are based on various methods of data analysis, ranging from classical regression to complex ensemble methods.

Fraud analysis

We can identify suspicious transactions, user profiles, and easily deploy a solution online

Able to operate with unlabeled data and split the data points to distinct clusters helping us generate additional knowledge to our clients

Retention analysis

With us it is possible to find out who of your clients (or employees, for example) are going to leave and who will stay. With knowledge of this information the client can the take the necessary steps to stimulate retention.

Market basket analysis

Identify up-sell opportunities by analyzing item purchases together frequently and provide an online recommendation

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